Insurance Broker Company

An insurance broker is a legal entity formed in order to meet the needs of the community for an agency that can assist them in buying insurance products and accompanying when a claim occurs, where the insured community is very familiar with the conditions and requirements of an insurance policy.


Understanding Insurance Brokers

An Insurance Broker Company is a company that helps its customers to buy insurance products and accompany them when claims occur. Insurance brokers must be legally incorporated and have permission from OJK with requirements that are quite strict and regulated in Law No. 40 of 2014 concerning Insurance.


Benefits of Using an insurance broker company

Many benefits will be obtained by customers when using insurance brokerage services, including:

1. Negotiating more competitive Premium Rates
2. The insurance broker must carry out a Risk Analysis
3. Assisting customers in handling claims
4. Insurance brokers ensure the Width of Guarantee according to customer needs
5. Helping and Facilitating customers in managing all insurance needs

PT. MITRA HARMONI INSURANCE BROKER (PT. MHIB) is a national insurance broker company founded by PT. Harmony Capital Center and M. Indra Permana. The company was established on March 7, 2007.


Why Choose an Insurance Broker Company PT. MHIB

We hold a commitment to provide the best service to our valued clients and competitive advantages and integrated insurance packages guaranteed by the best class of insurance companies.

In the dynamic insurance market, we strive to get the widest coverage at the most competitive prices for many and diverse risks involving our clients.

To succeed this goal, we are determined to maintain the highest standards of innovation, flexibility, professionalism.

Insurance Products & Services PT. MHIB

The insurance product owned by the insurance broker company PT. Mitra Harmoni Insurance Broker (PT. MHIB) are

1. Property / Commercial All Risks
      • Physical Damage (Fire and All Risk)
      • Business Interruption / Consequential Loss  / Loss of Profit
      • Machinery Breakdown
      • Cold Storage
      • Sabotage and Terrorism
2. Banking Insurance / Financial Risks
     • Cash in Safe / Cash in Counter / Cash in Cashier Box
     • Money in Transit
     • Fidelity Guarantee
     • Surety Bonds
     • Bank Guarantee
     • Bad Debt
     • Credit Insurance
3. Energy Risks
    • Upstream and Downstream
    • On/Offshore and Rigs
    • Builders / Installation

4. Casualty & Liability Risks
    • Professional Indemnity
    • Directors & Officers & Company Reimbursement
    • Comprehensive General Liability

5. Construction & Engineering Risks
    • Contructors All Risks
    • Erection All Risks
    • Machinery Breakdown / LOP
    • Electronic Equipment Insurance
    • Contructors Plant & Machinery

6. Aviation Risks
    • Airline Hull and Liability
    • Aircraft Hull Deductible
    • Aircraft Spares
    • Ground Handlers

7. Marine Risks
    • Marine Cargo : Project and Open Cover
    • Marine Hull and Machinery
    • Protection and Indemnity
    • Marine War / Strikes / Terrorism
    • Shipbuilders

8. Miscellaneous Risks
    • Health Insurance
    • Personal Accident
    • Motor Vehicle
    • Life & Pension Insurance
    • Etc.

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